Baya Rica Cafe is located in Bridgeland in a converted old house with a Costa Rican flair. They had some cool Costa Rican masks on the walls. I remembered seeing masks like these we were in Costa Rica. There is very little parking near by, we had to park a couple of blocks away and walk. We were there fairly early so we couldn’t imagine going there later in the day. The girl that helped us was very friendly and patient with us.

Today we ordered the London Fog and a Caramel Latte. The London Fog tasted pretty good, but my Caramel Latte was lacking caramel flavour. My other issue with the drinks was that they were served in to-go cups, which seemed strange because we were having breakfast there. I am thinking the barista messed up as I seen other drink orders being served in glass mugs.

As mentioned above we ordered breakfast, we ordered the daily special which was Sweet Potato Waffles with fresh fruit. The waffles were really good, they had an interesting but good taste because of the sweet potatoes. The fruit on the waffles was an assortment of fresh berries. So good.

I also noticed that roast and sell coffee beans.

Overall we had a pretty good experience at Baya Rica Cafe. I would suggest trying this place out. There is also lots to see and do down in Bridgeland, so definitely worth the trip.

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