Tonight we were sitting around after dinner and decided to head out for a beverage. Euphoria Cafe is tucked away in a little strip mall in Varsity Estates in NW Calgary just in case you aren’t sure where this place is.


It’s not a huge place but a great place to go for a coffee or whatever else you are into. Their menu has a wide assortment of hot drinks such as specialty coffees as well as juices, smoothies, gelato and bake goodies. They are also known for their waffles as mentioned in one of my previous blogs. Staff are always great to talk to, and very helpful.


This is the third or fourth time we’ve been here now and have not been disappointed with our choices. The first time we were here was during the YYC Hot Chocolate Festival, my wife wanted to try the Blue-Beary Hot Chocolate. My wife absolutely loved it.

Last couple of times I was here I had the Hedgehog Machiatto, and this time I had the Spanish Latte. My wife has stayed true to the London Fog. All of our drinks have been excellent. On one of my previous visits I tried the Bulletproff coffee which was suggested to me by a customer that was ordering one for himself. It to was a good drink.

Tonight the Cafe was extremely busy, lots of people and varying age groups. We seen a few people with their laptops out doing stuff. They do have WiFi. Tonight we sat outside to enjoy our drinks.

So if you are in the neighbourhood or even if you are not, take a few minutes and make the drive to check this place out. It is worth the drive or a ride on the LRT.

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