Philosafy Coffee is located on 17 Ave SW right across the street from Western Canada High School. It’s only been open two months and what a great addition to the 17 Ave area.


Let’s start with the staff, they are excellent. The girl that served us as we walked in was extremely friendly. Then as I was waiting for my drinks I had a conversation with the barista, he too was excellent and a pleasure to talk to. He told me that this was his first barista job. You have a winner with this guy. He poured a great latte and his coffee artwork was pretty good. Later while we were there, he was walking around cleaning up things and asking customers how things were going. He looked like he was really enjoying his job, as did the rest of the staff.


The decor was very industrial chic with a lot of gold accents. Lots of reclaimed wood. Ornate area rugs under a bunch of the tables which was really cool. A couple of long tables in front of the windows, great for people watching. The lighting in this place is amazing. It was place was very busy but yet had a very relaxing atmosphere and is a great place just to hang out by yourself or with friends.

On a side note I think I just saw Keith Richards walk by. Call me crazy but the guy really looked like him. Ha ha
Our choice in beverages and food today:

Hot Chocolate: the drink was very smooth and delicious and probably one of the best my wife has had. My wife really liked the coffee art that was in her drink.


Vanilla Latte: the drink was excellent as well. The Socrates Expresso they are using is excellent and well balanced.

We also ordered the Lemon Ricotta Muffin, which was very light tasting and yet very filling. The lemon was not over powering. Great muffin!!


Prices are comparable to the other coffee shops in the area. I really liked the copper pour over stations and I think I will be trying one the next time we come back.

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