Hello Coffee Lovers, its me, Extreme Coffee Freaks daughter.  I’m guest blogging since my Dad is training for Tough Mudder tomorrow.  To welcome me back to Calgary, my parents took me to one of their favourite out of town coffee shops.  Where you might ask, in Airdrie of course.  They have been there once before and loved the atmosphere, so they wanted to share the experience with me.


I absolutely love their logo, as a designer I can appreciate great design.  Even on the inside it was very relaxed and felt very homie.  There was delicious pastries in the case, multiple different kinds of tea on the wall, and a wall of a bunch of drinks they can make.  They even make their own Kombucha, I was given the opportunity to sample their Strawberry Mint.  It was very good, I mostly tasted Strawberry then after I drank it, I got the hint of Mint.  Very refreshing.

Tonight we met a very nice barista named Tyler, he offered assistance when I was unsure of what to order.  My Dad ordered a Local Honey Latte and my Mom ordered a London Fog, she is really enjoying the London Fog’s every since I introduced her to them not that long ago.  I ordered something that I normally wouldn’t, an Apple Pie Latte which is made with Apple Pie Tea and caramel syrup.  It tastes exactly like a freshly baked apple pie.  It was absolutely delicious.  Next time I will ask them to sprinkle cinnamon on top to taste more like an apple crisp.

As a pre-Tough Mudder desert my Dad ordered an Affagato, which is a bowl of ice cream and a shot of Rosso Coffee espresso.  When Tyler came out to deliver the Affagato we started talking about the ice cream and we found out that it is store bought.  We were a little disappointed and offered a home made solution, a company in Calgary that makes amazing home made ice cream in three locations only.

Overall this is an amazing place to enjoy a delicious caffeinated beverage.  I will definitely be going back in the near future.  Thank you Tyler for making the experience that much better.

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