Cafe Ole is located in Drumheller and since my Dad had just completed Tough Mudder, we thought it would be cool to check this place out for a post Mudder beverage.

To enter this coffee shop, you go through a glass door and then find a more interesting door to go through to enter the actual coffee shop.  When you enter it is really dark, it’s kind of creepy, it reminded me of what I can picture a dungeon to look like.  The only places that are lit are the ordering counter and bar, everywhere else is dark.

They serve the same stuff as other coffee shops that we have visited before. At Cafe Ole they have this “Red Symphony” which is rooibos tea, cinnamon, and a million other ingredients… It sounds very complicated, I don’t think I would every order it unless I got  to sample it first.


I ordered a Strawberry Steamer, my Mom ordered a London Fog, and my Dad ordered a Caramel Macchiato.  A Steamer is heated milk with froth mixed with any flavour syrup  that the coffee shop has.


The caramel macchiato was good but could be better. The strawberry steamer tasted great, exactly like strawberry milk but hot.  The London fog was good, my Mom finds that she can taste the difference in syrups when shops use different ones.  We sat in this really comfy area with couches.


The strange thing about this cafe is its attached to The Brick. Which we found was interesting, there isn’t many coffee shops attached to major stores like that.

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