Today we are East Vancouver at a very cool little coffee shop with a different style.  I’m talking about Pallet Coffee Roasters.  They have a very industrial feel to their shop.  They have exposed light bulbs and wood up one wall up onto the roof.  In the back they have a big kitchen where they make all the homemade pastries and food items that they have on the menu.  They also have a giant coffee bean roaster, it is very cool.

My wife ordered a London Fog while my daughter and I ordered Vanilla Latte’s.  They have skills when it comes to the latte art.

FullSizeRender 2

As for food, my daughter ordered a bagel with cream cheese (she wanted the granola but it was raspberry and kiwi, not good), my wife ordered the Classic French (ham, tomato, egg, mayo, spring mix, and gruyere all on a croissant), and I ordered the Brunch Special (a grilled bagel with chili aioli, bacon, egg, gruyere, tomato and spinach). Oh and we ordered a Apple Turnover.

The bagel and cream cheese was very good, they must whip the cream cheese because it was very smooth and creamy.  The Brunch Special was excellent, it had a nice zip due to the chili aioli.  The Classic French was tasty, the croissant was flaky perfection.  The Apple Turnover was good but between my wife and I we had a disagreement, my wife wishes it was sweeter and I think it was awesome.  We did agree that it was delicious and flaky.

The Vanilla Latte’s were smooth and creamy, the blend was the “Benchmark” while a subtle dark fruit acidity, sweet cacao, caramels and butterscotch.  This Brazil Guatemala Sulawesi blend added the right stuff to this Vanilla Latte.  This London Fog was my wife’s first pour over tea, and she said the flavour was more subtle.

Overall if you find yourself in East Vancouver near Semlin Drive just off East Hasting, you have to check this place out.  Just so you know there is very limited parking here, but if you get lucky and find a spot… take it!

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