Driving home from Vancouver we were driving through Canmore we thought we should try another coffee shop that we wanted to try last time we came to Canmore.  This little coffee shop is called Rave Coffee it is located right off the highway heading East you would take the second exit into Canmore and it is on the right corner.  Arriving we found that there was a bit of parking, but nothing really accessible for my truck pulling a trailer.


When we entered we had realized that they were closing at 6pm and we went in at 5:40pm.  We walked in and seen a guy wiping down the floor and we had apologized for walking on the clean floor and he said nothing.  So for the first time in a long time we asked for our beverages to go. 

When my wife and daughter ordered Hot Chocolates they were given flavour options of Peppermint, Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, and White Chocolate.  My wife got a Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate and my daughter got a Vanilla Hot Chocolate.  I ordered a Rave White similar to a Flat White.  After I ordered I asked what espresso blend they were serving today and they said it was an Original Four Country Blend and when I asked what blends, they where hesitant, they were almost unsure.


While we were waiting for our beverages we noticed that they have a bunch of kinds of coffee beans and coffee products for sale.  We also noticed that there was a giant coffee bean roaster in the back with a ton of giant bags of coffee beans waiting to be roasted.

My daughter said that there was no Vanilla flavouring in her Hot Chocolate and that it wasn’t very hot at all.  My wife said her Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate was very chocolatey and said that it wasn’t very hot either.  Mine on the other hand was delicious, perfect temperature and flavouring.

I am a strong believer in first impressions meaning everything and after the ‘brush off’ nature of the barista that was helping us, I am unsure if we will go back to this coffee shop again.  I think if they would have let us know that it would have been cool to hang around and enjoy our drinks even if they were closing in 20 minutes that would have made a big difference.

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