This market is held downtown at Central Memorial Park located on 12 Ave SW and 2nd St. The Calgary Night Market runs about every two weeks throughout the summer with the last one happening September 9. The market runs from 4pm to 10pm. Friday night was a great night for the market, weather was excellent for a change.


Central Memorial park is quite a beautiful park, the gardens are well manicured and the two larger fountains were really nice with a variety of water spray patterns.

It is great to see so many Calgarians out checking these markets out and supporting local artisan and merchandise vendors. I would think there was about 25 different vendors set up in the park. This market like others has a variety of food trucks (about 6) and even offers live entertainment.

One of the coolest vendor I saw down there was Mark Oliver Twist, he is a speed painter. He was set up at the one end of the park. No fancy tent, just a white sheet on the ground and all his gear. A milk crate was his easel, a ton of spray paint, a few other tools, some newspaper, and some plastic bags. From that he created some amazing pictures. He had music playing and away he went spraying his canvas, it looked like nothing when he started, he didn’t say a word until his picture was complete. The picture my wife bought took about 20 minutes for him to complete.

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