Today we found ourselves downtown on the North side at Alforno Bakery and Cafe.  This is a beautiful location, but it is very hard to get to with all of the one way streets and restrictions of where you can park.  There is 30 minute parking everywhere, so if you plan on a quick run in, that’s great but if you want to get breakfast or lunch there is parking on the adjacent street.

The building is white with just their logo on the outside and when you walk in you walk through a small vestibule and up a couple stairs.  Once inside there is a long bar where you can order anything from breakfast to lunch items.  It was very clean and wide open.  On the left side of the bar there where some stairs to head up to some seating, whereas on the left side there was a cooler with Cru Juice and assorted beverages.  On the far left there was a coffee bar where you could sit and watch the barista create the drinks.

Beside the coffee bar there was another little bar where you could get water, milk, and cream to add to your coffee.  The way they set it up was absolutely wicked, they were like beer taps that where hooked to the coffee necessities.  We noticed that they had a little section of items for purchase which included Swell Bottles, little terrariums, and some teapots.

After examining the space and the menu a couple times, it was finally time to order and if we hadn’t already had breakfast we would have ordered it there.  After examining their coffee menu, we realized that they used Vendome Coffee in their beverages.


Everything sounded amazing.  Instead I ordered a Blackberry Cornflake Muffin, my wife ordered a Snickerdoodle Cookie, and my daughter had a Raspberry Bran Muffin.

As for the beverages I decided to order a Vanilla Latte and both my wife and daughter had London Fogs.  The Vanilla Latte was delicious and there was a subtle vanilla flavouring, as for the London Fogs they were delicious and they found that there was something super sweet at the bottom of the cup.


While we were finishing our beverages and people watching, my daughter noticed that one of the waiters working there was grabbing a pastry for someone and he threw two in the garbage before selecting the one for the customer.  We were shocked because there is so many organizations that could use the leftover food and donate it to those who could really use it.

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