On October 20 we headed to Canmore to fight a speeding ticket, so we thought it would be a great chance to try another coffee shop.  This time it was Beamer’s located just off of Main Street.  When we got there it was busy, the morning rush, everyone knew everyone.  The location was small and cozy, there was a fireplace in one corner and tables located by all the windows.

Today we ordered a Cafe Marble Mocha and Whip Cream, a London Fog, and a Vanilla Latte.  To go with our beverages we also ordered a breakfast items, a Orange Cranberry Muffin and a Strawberry Rhubarb Oatmeal Muffin.  Everything was delicious.

While we were looking around we found out that Beamer’s has a “traveling cup”, where customers can take a to-go cup and take it where they are traveling.  We seen customers with a cup at the Matterhorn in Switzerland, Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, and Bella Coola in British Columbia.  There were so many more places as well.  They also had a bunch of their coffee for purchase, just in case you wanted to take Beamer’s home with you.

After we had our beverages we headed to Traffic Court where we had to wait to see a Justice of the Peace and fight the ticket.  After an hour, we managed to get the ticket reduced, then we wandered Canmore for a little then headed back to Calgary for some lunch.


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