On October 22, we visited this little hidden gem located in Royal Oak on the corner of Royal Oak Drive and Rocky Ridge Road.  This location is small and wonderful.  They are open seven days a week and offer an array of caffeinated beverages, breakfast foods, alcohol, and house made delights.  Right when you walk in you are welcomed into an open space full off windows and a two sided fireplace.

We were very lucky to be helped today by one of the owners for this location.  He was very helpful and informative about everything.  We asked multiple questions and he was able to answer everything.  As we were waiting for our beverages and breakfast food you could tell when a regular came in by the way the owner greeted them.

Today we ordered a Vanilla Latte, a Caramel Machiatto, and a London Fog.  Since it was breakfast we also decided to order some food, we decided to have their breakfast wraps.  They were the perfect size to accompany the caffeinated beverages.

While we were enjoying our beverages we were looking at the menu and noticed that everything is perfectly priced, nothing too expensive.  This place is the perfect combination of a family business and a local friendly coffee shop.


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