This weekend we decided to try something completely new, a French Patisserie and Cafe in downtown Calgary. I know there is nothing like this here in the city so it was quite exciting to try something new. It is located near Bumpy’s Cafe and near the Holy Grill down on 10 Street and 8th Ave. Sucre has not been open very long, but I can tell that they will be here for a while. I read on the website that the owners visited Paris and had said “We have been to Paris numerous times and loved the French Patisserie, so why couldn’t we bring Paris home with us”.

Stepping into this location you can really tell that there is a French ambiance in the heart of Calgary, from the white walls to the openness of the front cabinets. Since we got there really early they hadn’t put out all of their fresh baked pastry’s ranging from buttery croissants to rich ganaches and irresistible macarons. We got to watch as they slowly placed out all their delicious confections.  (The fact they hadn’t placed everything out yet was because there was issues with Calgary Transit that morning and their bakers were a little late.)

After waiting several minutes to see the delicious treats we decided to order our beverages, which included two Caramel Lattes (made with homemade caramel) and a London Fog. They were absolutely amazing. They are also the only cafe in Calgary using Matchstick Coffee.

As they placed out some of the pastry items, we decided it was time to order and since we wanted to try everything we strategically ordered what we wanted. My wife ordered a Lemon Raspberry White Chocolate scone, which was warm right out of the oven, it was delicious and the chocolate was not over powering and it was amazing.

I ordered a Banana Pecan Caramel Scone and a French Ham and Cheese Sandwich, which was the right amount of delicious, the caramel on the scone was homemade and was the right consistency to make the scone gooey and amazing.

My daughter ordered a French Ham and Cheese sandwich and some Macarons. The sandwich was delicious and she got five macarons, a Lemon, a Strawberry Cheesecake, a Salted Caramel, a Matcha, and a Mango Madness. We have yet to crack into them and try how delicious they are. There was twelve flavors to choose from and they were very hard to choose the ones that she wanted.

As we were sitting there they kept bringing out more and more items, cakes that were too beautiful to eat, croissants of all kinds, and more scones. Before we left we bought some of the buttery croissants and a couple Chocolate croissants to try.

Go check this place out and get there early and try there tasty treats while they are still warm. We cannot wait for our next trip to try more of their inventions.

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