Last weekend we decided to head West on the Number 1 highway and made our way to Banff, Alberta. When we left Calgary it was +6 and it was going to hit +17 that day. We get to Banff and it is a balmy +1 and didn’t get much better than that. So it was a great day to check out a new coffee shop.

So to Whitebark Cafe we go. After doing some research, the Whitebark had a ton of very positive reviews.

Once we arrived at the Whitebark, we were met with a huge line up of patrons waiting to get the morning nectar of the gods, “their morning coffee”. Seeing the line up made me realized that I had made a good choice in coming to this shop. It took about 20 minutes for us to make it to the girl taking the orders. As we were standing in line, an older woman stuck her head in the door and said it’s not worth it. I called her a coward and she left. We got to the front and what a welcome sight to see, fresh baked goods and glorious coffee.

The shop is extremely small with seating for about 6-10 near the window. There was more seating on the patio outside, but being +1 we chose to sit inside the lobby of the attached hotel where most other patrons were sitting. The shop was buzzing with patrons coming and going with their drinks and food.

At the Whitebark Cafe they were serving a great cup of coffee. The beans were from Moja Coffee. Moja is a fair trade, organic coffee, roasted in an European inspired facility located in North Vanvouver. 1491252027682

That morning we ordered the following: an Americano, a Vanilla Latte, a Tea Latte and a Matcha Latte. All drinks were excellent.

We also ordered a Cranberry-Orange-White Chocolate cookie and a Strawberry-Rhubarb muffin. Both were excellent. I seen a lot of people ordering the homemade granola bowls. They looked excellent, and next time I will be having one of those.

Needless to say, the Whitebark Cafe lived up to the hype as an excellent coffeehouse well worth the stop. So if you find yourself in Banff, definitely make a bee line for the Whitemark Cafe.

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