A bike shop and espresso bar. I don’t think a better combination exists. Yet, here I am, at the Bike and Brew in Bridgeland. Trying to figure out how I didn’t know about this place before. Does the rest of Calgary know? If not, you should.

“There are very few sports as social as cycling,” Bike and Brew is a very new bike and coffee shop all in one in Calgary. They opened in March. “There wasn’t a place like it and they wanted to make their shop a stopping point, where you can just hang out or get your bike serviced and sip on a great coffee while you do it.”

On the walls they have bikes from Kona, Apollo, MASI, Del Sol, and Sincoe. Hanging on their clothes racks they have casual bike clothing from a variety of clothing companies. You can protect your brain with helmets from Giro, which after actually reading up on, them I’ve found out that they are producing the most advanced technology in the helmet world. Along with the helmets they have some really cool eyewear, and lastly they have a good selection of shoes.

Now let’s talk coffee, we walked in and went over to where the two barista’s were standing and ordered some beverages. We order two London Fog’s and I ordered a Vanilla Latte. They serve Fratello coffee.  It’s great to see them supporting a local roaster. My vanilla latte had some great flavour, but the my wife’s london fog was the very best she has ever had, even better than what I make up for her. Thanks Bike and Brew.

At the front of their shop there were about 4-5 tables with seating for about 15-20 people. The tables and seating are very rustic but comfortable. At the coffee bar they have a white Elektra Espresso machine. The walls are covered in reclaimed wood and the pillars are covered in reclaim brick. This place has a great vibe to it.

I hope you stop by and sample their selection of coffee and snacks.

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