Hello coffee lovers, it’s me, ExtremeCoffeeFreak’s daughter guest blogging from Paris, France.  I have been here for almost two weeks and I am loving it. Today a friend and I decided to go and locate this little coffee shop that I had heard about before leaving Calgary.  It’s called MATAMATA COFFEE and it is located in the heart of Paris, in the Montorgueil neighbourhood, cultivating the art of specialty coffee and home made food.

Walking down the road to this little gem, you would never know it is there unless you were looking. From the outside it just looks like a little storefront with a couple tables in the front for seating, inside there was a high-bar and some tables for seating.  We seen some stairs off to the left going downstairs somewhere.

Looking at the menu they serve a wide variety of beverages and food items.  I ordered a latte and a viennoiserie (fancy word for croissant) and my friend a latte with a slice of courgettes which was a lemon cake and a glass of fresh orange juice.  The prices were pretty reasonable, a little on the pricer side, but they can do that because of the quality of their products.

We sat outside, since it was beautiful, to enjoy our wonderful breakfast.  While we were outside, a gentleman at the next table asked where we were from and we got talking, I told him about this blog and that we go to little ‘mom and pop’ coffee shops.  Shortly after speaking to him he had followed us on Instagram, I only found out after that he was the social media person for MATAMATA. We also took a look at a printed menu, which was beautifully designed.

When we were all done, we took our plates inside and ventured downstairs where they have a cellar which has been restored to welcome small groups in a very well-kept, intimate atmosphere. It was really nice and it would be wicked to use that space for a business meeting or a group project.

Overall this place is amazing.  I would definitely go back, especially since the nice barista told us about another coffee shop not that far away called Telescope, which we will definitely go and try.

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