Sorry this is a little delayed, but it’s still me, I’m still in France for a couple more days. I managed to hit one more coffee shop before my adventure is over. This little coffee shop was recommended to me by someone back in Calgary, so I knew I had to go and check it out. The day that I went it was nice and overcast so it wasn’t too hot, but I still had to get a coffee.

We first walked by this location a couple times because there is not much outside telling us where this coffee shop was located. When we finally realized there was a little sign beside the door with their name placard.

Once entering this small location, we soon realized that there was only a couple tables. It was not very big at all, and the bar took up most of the footage. When we got up to order, luckily the guy spoke english which we were very happy about. I got an iced latte and a egg sandwich, which I would soon learn that it was actually an egg salad sandwich, for breakfast.

When we were almost done our breakfast I started looking at the different kinds of coffee beans that they had. They offered six different kinds and after smelling each of them, I decided upon buying three different kinds.


It was nice as we were sitting there enjoying our breakfast, we noticed that a lot of people coming in spoke english. It was nice, it kind of felt like home in a way.

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