I do apologize for the delay in getting this blog out, but better late than never.

While the pickings in smaller towns are often slimmer, I do love finding good coffeehouses outside the city limits of Calgary. Sure, most cafes of merit exist in the urban jungles of the world, but there’s something extra special when I come across a reputable coffee bar in a small town.

One such rare gem that exists in the heart of Cochrane, Alberta, located on 1 Street. As you drive up the cafe it has been blessed with a huge patio for when we rarely get warm weather. As you head inside, the shop has a ton of seating amidst a calm, pleasant atmosphere of concrete floors, numerous windows and an european type decor. Lots of pictures of Rome, Paris, and Germany. It was quite interesting that there was a toaster over in one corner of the cafe for you to toast your own bread if you so decided.

The coffee comes from Canmore’s coffee roaster Rave Coffee, a welcome sight in any cafe. For my coffee that beautiful sunny morning, I went with a Pistachio espresso and I also had a Caramel and sea salt latte. My wife had an Iced Matcha. The Pistachio espresso was an espresso with some steamed milk topped with pistachios. This was an interesting drink especially when you got down to the bottom and there was chucks of the pistachios. My caramel and sea salt latte was very good. If you like sweet, this is the beverage for you. My wife’s Iced Matcha was excellent and would strongly recommend this drink to anyone.

We ordered a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich. The food we ordered I would say was just ok. It wasn’t anything special. The baked goods in the cabinet were all home made and looked great though.

Let’s talk customer service, it was outstanding. The two girls working there were terrific, very friendly, extremely helpful and patient as this was our first time here. There was a lot to digest as they have a very large menu.

All around, I greatly appreciated the Deja Brew experience in Cochrane; the shop had a cool vibe and the coffee proved tasty. Whether you live nearby or you’re passing through, definitely stop at Deja Brew.

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