Today we are out in Bragg Creek at a very cool coffee shop called Lucid Kustoms Koffee House.  It is located in a strip mall with a bunch of different shops. From the outside it looks like a log building, and when we looked at images of this cafe there were a bunch of motorcycles out front. This location has been open for two years, there is a Lucid Kustoms in Calgary, but no coffee shop included.

We entered in through the motorcycle side so there was a bunch of motorcycles and apparel. When we entered into the cafe side there were a bunch of comfy seats around and a couple people inside, but since it was a nice day we sat outside as well as the others.

We ordered an Americano, two London Fogs, and a Caramel Macchiato. All of the beverages were very delicious. The only sad thing is that they only had one size of a mug and all the other drinks have to come in to-go cups.

For a small snack we got a rice crispy square with Oreo chunks, amazing, and a hummingbird loaf, delicious. It was a loaf with banana, coconut, pineapple, and walnuts.

The decor inside was very biker inspired which is absolutely amazing, there was a giant drawing of a motorcycle on one whole wall. On the other wall there was pictures of motorcycles that I could assume that they made.

It was so peaceful out here and after today’s amazing visit, we will return.

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