Since all of the holiday beverages are still coming out, we decided to head down to Bridgeland and visit our favourite bike shop, Bike and Brew. Their shop has always been a favourite, you can drink your delicious beverage and shop for a new bicycle in the process. During the summer this little shop is very busy with cyclists.

The Coffee

Since they had their holiday beverages we thought we would try some. My wife had a London Fog (her favourite from there), my daughter had the Carmel Apple Latte, and I had a Eggnog Latte. The flavourings were amazing. In my daughter’s Carmel Apple Latte you could really taste the flavours, it was almost like they steeped apple tea and added milk, even though they didn’t.  My Eggnog Latte was amazing, you could hardly taste the espresso that they put in there. It had the right amount of Eggnog to make it taste like how I imagine every Eggnog Latte should taste like.

The Location

The day we decided to visit, it was not as busy since there was a chill in the air and it was a little chilly to be riding a bicycle today.

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