We decided to visit Higher Ground at Capitol Hill on Sunday, and boy was it busy, full of students studying and hanging out. That cafe is not very big so seeing it this full was a great sight. Before we ordered, the barista asked if any of us were having the YYC Hot Chocolate because they only had enough syrup to make two. There was someone who ran to get more syrup form the Kensington location so we would not have had to wait long if we wanted more. While we were waiting for the hot chocolates to be made, we asked if it was a collaborative effort to make this drink, and the barista said no, it was made by a colleague at the Kensington location.

On our first sips it tasted really good, but once you got past the vanilla whip (didn’t taste like vanilla) it was super sweet. You got an overwhelming flavour of Lavender and it was almost too strong to enjoy. We didn’t taste any chocolate at all. So my daughter decided to see if they would slightly change their ratio of syrups to make it a little less sweet, so she asked for half the Lavender syrup and an extra of the chocolate. It seemed less sweet but still very sweet. We think that the ratio of Lavender syrup to Honey in their bottles may be a little off.

After drinking the hot chocolate, we thought it would have been cool to only put in a pump of lavender since it is so strong, and still do two pumps of chocolate, and drizzle a little honey on top with the purple sprinkles. We thought it would give it a little less sweetness and would be a more pleasing taste to the palette.

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