It’s me, Extreme Coffee Freak’s daughter, taking over the blog for this post. I work at Mount Royal University and it made sense for me to try Barrow Espresso’s Coconut Hot Chocolate. I work in the Bissett Building and there is a Barrow Cart on the main floor, but this year they didn’t have the hot chocolate, it was only in the new location over at the Riddell Library and Learning Centre. So I wandered on over.

The location is absolutely beautiful, so many windows with natural light and very spacious. The bar spans the whole length of one of the short walls and they have so much room. Definitely a step up from the little Barrow Cart in Bissett. After I ordered I had to wait a couple minutes since the barista forgot about my drink, even though when I was there I was second in line.

When I received the drink, the whip could have been a little prettier since it seemed like the barista didn’t know how to place the whip on top of the drink. The whip really tasted like coconut which was amazing. In the drink I got very subtle coconut flavour, which was sad. When I got back to my office, the whip had melted all into the drink which was nice, but the flavour didn’t move into the hot chocolate. I really wished there was more coconut flavouring in the drink.

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