Tonight we decided to head down to one of our newest local coffee shops, Société. They closed at 7:30pm and we got there at 7:05pm. There was a couple other people in there, the owner let us no that there was no rush to finish our drinks.

Ordering the Bumblebee Hot Chocolate which is their rich dark chocolate from Epiphanie with a lightly spiced tumeric blend, and top with honey flavoured whip with a drizzle of honey. We were pleased to see that they use real honey and not fake honey. Tasting just the whip it tasted so amazing, the whip had such an amazing flavour.

The first sip of the drink was absolutely amazing, I don’t have anything negative to say. The smooth blend of spices and the sweetness from the honey was absolutely great. The words that my wife and daughter continued to use while enjoying this beverage were, wow, amazing, and delicious. I have to say that they really liked this hot chocolate. My wife said she hopes that no other hot chocolate beats this, because it is her favourite. This is definitely one of the top hot chocolates thus far. You have to go and try this!

We also noticed that they are now selling wine, so head on down for you YYC Hot Chocolate and a glass of wine and maybe some cheese. At least that is what my daughter would do.


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