IMG_0927Today we headed down to the Simmons Building to go to Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters. I don’t actually know how many times we have visited Phil & Sebastian’s but today it was very pleasant. The music was amazing and there seemed to be quite a few people down there enjoying a beverage and a good conversation. Today I decided to have a Dulce Latte and my daughter had the YYC Hot Chocolate.

Their beverage is the Tonka Soul Hot Chocolate which is a infusion of Tonka beans, with their Dulce de Leche and Madagascar dark chocolate from Canadian small-batch chocolate roasters – Soul Chocolate out of Toronto. Tonka beans add a unique vanilla-cinnamon-almond liquor aroma to the hot chocolate.

The first sip was very good, if I was judging on a hot chocolate. I didn’t get much Tonka flavouring in the beverage at all. The shavings on top of the drink gave the aroma of Tonka beans but didn’t get the flavours. It just seemed to be lacking some of the flavours that they said it would have. After drinking the beverage, the very last sip had all the Tonka flavour because the shaving had drifted to the bottom of the drink.

Overall this was not that great of a drink, sorry, it just seemed very plain.

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