To complete our evening we headed out to visit Rosso Tuxedo. It is the closest Rosso to the where we live, didn’t want to venture to far with the roads how they are. The cafe was not that busy, a couple people here and there, when we ordered I got my Sweet Latte pretty quick but my daughter and wife had to wait a little for the YYC Hot Chocolate. The wait was definitely worth it.

Rosso’s beverage is the Orange Blossom Hot Cocoa, which is a unique blend of orange and floral notes, Deutsch processed cocoa, orange zest cookie and a dried orange slice.

The cookie was absolutely outstanding and loved that it was a cookie that I could dip instead of being crumbled over the drink. When my wife tried the first sip all she could say was wow. It had such an amazing floral flavour without being overpowering, it was very pleasing to drink. You definitely got the Orange Blossom flavouring in the beverage.

After chatting with the barista he said to come up with this beverage they held a store competition to come up with ideas and this wonderful drink came from the Inglewood location. We had asked if there was anyway to buy some of the cookies, but unfortunately only a certain amount was sent to each location.

This drink was very creative and delicious. Just don’t try and eat the orange, it is purely there for decoration.

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