After we visited Bubblemania we decided to stop in Bridgeland and go to Main Dish.

Their hot chocolate is called the Cinnamon Bun Hot Chocolate which is prepared with delicious flavour of cinnamon bun hot chocolate, made with real chocolate ganache for that extra rich chocolatey goodness, spiced with chili, cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg. Lastly, the drink is topped off with its own mini cinnamon bun, baked in-house!

I must say if you like cinnamon this is the hot chocolate for you. Our first sip almost tasted like we were attempting the cinnamon challenge. We were disappointed with this drink and we were hoping that it would have been better than it was.

Overall, I would not have recommended this hot chocolate to anyone, just because it felt like the cinnamon challenge on first sip.

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