So we decided to do a Coffee trip to Lethbridge this weekend and our first stop is Sonder Coffee. We had done some prior research and found that these guys have a great coffee selection as well as some amazing waffle flavours that we really had to try.

The Interior

This shop is an amazing corner location with seven tables and one large communal table. It has a modern style. You can see into the kitchen so you can watch your food be made. The cafe was very busy and full of families since it was the breakfast rush.

The Drinks

I ordered a Latte for $4.00 made with Red Engine Coffee which is roasted in Lethbridge. The beverage was very good, it was delicious.

My wife ordered a Chai for $4.00 which was delicious. It had really good chai flavouring, we didn’t know which chai mixture they used.

My daughter ordered a Vanilla Latte for $4.50 and it was really good. She said she could taste the vanilla and it was a great addition to the latte.

Also on a side note they had housemate almond and coconut milk which was great.

The Food

Since we had seen some images of their waffles on social media we decided we had to try a couple of them. We were excited to hear that they are small liege waffles full of amazing flavour.

I ordered the Peaches and Raspberry waffle and it was absolutely delicious. The Earl Grey butter was a great combination with the peaches and fresh raspberries and mint.

My wife ordered the Pear Walnut waffle and the flavours were so amazing together. The poached pear, goat cheese, walnut and honey combination was absolutely to die for.

My daughter ordered the Strawberry and Whip waffle. The fresh strawberries and real whip were a great together. She would order it again.

The Service

We got our drinks and food in a timely manner, but we really didn’t have an opportunity to talk much with the employees since it was busy.

The Hours

Monday to Friday – 8:00AM – 4:30PM

Saturday – 9:00AM – 4:30PM

Sunday – 9:30AM – 3:00PM


There is all street parking around the shop.

Last Words

We would go back and try some of the other flavours of waffles since there are more fruity flavours and there is some savour options as well.

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