Our second stop in Lethbridge is a cute little shop called Bread Milk and Honey, it is located in an old historic building in downtown. When we arrived it was quite busy and loud, it was great to see that it caters to everyone.

The Interior

This shop was really busy when we arrived and there were only a couple of empty tables. There are 17 tables with two big communal tables and a bar top table in the front window. Along the right side of the cafe the wall is all exposed brick and on the opposite wall the menu is being projected on a white wall. There are strange geometric patterns on all the other walls, we couldn’t figure out why they would choose geometric patterns.

The Drinks

I ordered a Big Daddy Quad Shot Latte for $6.25 and it was really good. It got my heart pumping, I felt so alive. They were using their 49th Parallel Espresso, but there is four others  roasters they carry including Phil and Sebastian, Timbertrain, Fernwood, Transcend and 49th Parallel.

My wife ordered a Rooibos Honey Fog for $4.25 and she said she could taste the honey. She thinks that they use a dark honey to showcase it next to the tea. It was very good.

My daughter ordered an Iced London Fog for $5.25 and they used Lavender syrup so that is both a blessing and a curse. Thankfully it was not overdone like we have had in the past. It was really good, only sad thing is that they didn’t have paper straws.

Note: After talking to the Manager we found that they use a light honey in their Rooibos Fog and that they don’t actually use any syrups in any of their drinks. The Iced London Fog is a micro milled tea so full of flavour. Also their straws are made of plant based cellulose which is really cool. 

The Food

We decided to try a couple of treats and we ordered a White Chocolate Cranberry cookie and a Chocolate Chip cookie coming to $5.00, we also got a Greek Shortbread cookie for $3.25 which was very sweet due to the sugar on the top.

The Service

The service we received at the counter was awesome, they were patient with us since it was our first time there. We got our treats and then they bring us our beverages which is so nice.

The Hours

Monday to Friday – 7:00AM – 5:00PM

Saturday – 9:00AM – 4:00PM

Sunday – 10:00AM – 4:00PM


There is all street parking around the shop.

Last Words

We would stop in here again in the future to have another Quad shot just so I can feel my heart race a little again.

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