Our third stop in Lethbridge is a unique little coffee shop not that far from Bread Milk and Honey. This little shop was called Stoketown Cafe & Cure, this is where Poncho made a new friend named Buff. The shop had some little trinkets for sale just to the left when you enter the shop, to the right there is a giant buffalo head on the wall.

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The Interior

The cafe was not crazy busy which was a nice relief. There were nine tables that could seat four people each, two family style tables and a bar top table at the front that could sit eight people. The lighting was really nice and we noticed on the front wall there was a giant buffalo head. The coffee bar was on the left side and near the back there was the kitchen which was open.

The Drinks

I ordered the Latte with Rooftop espresso for $4.50 which was really delicious. It was really exciting to see that they used Rooftop Coffee Roasters. It had really good flavour.

My wife ordered the Sipping Matcha for $3.50 and it tasted like water. It had no flavour and it was huge, in the past when ordering Sipping Matcha it should only be made with 1/4 cup of water and a little but of Matcha. This was made incorrectly. Then we had the girl make a Matcha Shot and it was so gritty and there was no flavour at all. It was super thick and not in a good way.

My daughter ordered a Matcha Latte for $4.50 and it was so bad. She has never had a Matcha so dark before, there was no flavour and it was just bad.

Both my daughter and wife asked a bunch of questions and when the girl said she was self-taught and that the Matcha often separates, you know something is wrong. We are all about supporting local, but I am sorry Matcha should never be local, buy from Japan because you know you are getting the best quality. The girl had sourced her Matcha from Picture Butte near Lethbridge, but we honestly thought that the Matcha that she might be using is food grade since it is so dark and not the bright green colour like regular Matcha.

The Service

The service we received was good, the weekend manager was helpful and answered all of our questions about the Matcha.

The Hours

Monday – 7:30AM – 2:30PM

Tuesday to Friday – 7:30AM – 7:00PM

Saturday to Sunday – 9:30AM – 2:30PM


There is all street parking around the shop.

Last Words

We would recommend that Stoketown Cafe & Cure get out of the Matcha business until they do their research and learn how to properly make Matcha and buy a better grade of Matcha. If you enjoy Rooftop Roasters then this is the place to go for coffee, do not attempt to drink the Matcha.

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