Our final stop was Java The Hut, a very cozy Star Wars themed cafe located just outside of downtown Lethbridge.

The Interior

The cafe had a lot of Star Wars collectables that were donated by their customers, the owner just started with a couple pieces and then all their customers started bringing Star Wars collectables to add to the collection. There is enough seating for a dozen people, if that. The music was very nostalgic which was awesome.

The Drinks

I ordered a Vanilla Latte for $4.25 which was really good. The coffee had really nice flavour, no bitterness or anything. They use Cherry Hill Coffee

My wife ordered an English Breakfast Tea for $2.50 and it was Bigelow tea, which we have never had before. It had really good flavour.

My daughter ordered a Black Cherry Italian Soda for $3.25 and it had whipped cream on the top and a cherry, which was a nice added bonus. She also said that this was the best Italian Soda she has had in a long time.

The Service

The service was great, we were the only ones in the cafe when we got there. We had a nice conversation with the owner and talked about the cafe. They used to have a little drive up hut and now they have moved into this location and have been here for almost a year now. It was a nice conversation to hear about the history of the cafe.

The Hours

Monday to Saturday – 7:00AM – 6:00PM

Sunday – Closed


There is all street parking around the shop.

Last Words

If you want a place that you can check out all the cool Star Wars Collectables, then make sure you stop at Java The Hut. Just know, The Force is With You!


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