We were driving around trying to decide what to have for dinner, so we drove to Deerfoot City. Their food lodge has been open for a while so we thought let’s check it out. To our surprise ReGrub was there and we had to try it.

The Interior

Since it is in the mall food court, they have a limited space but that space is amazing. They had a giant heart on one wall, hands on another, and words on another. It was awesome. There are multiple tables and the way you can tell it is their tables because they have where to place their food so you can take the optimal photo.

The Food

There are so many options on the food menu that it took us a little bit to decide. After reading each item we decided to try some burgers, fries and onion rings.

I ordered the Heart Attack for $14. It is a burger served on two deep fried cheddar blocks instead of a bun. If you have had past issues with your heart, I really do not suggest this burger. It was so good, but there is a lot of cheese.

My wife ordered the Eureka for $14. It is a burger with onion rings and tomato confit. It is a very delicious burger. The bun to meat ratio was spot on and the burger is absolutely delicious, so tender. Very impressed the bun didn’t fall apart.

My daughter ordered the Pizzamania for $13. It is a burger on a bottom bun and instead of the top bun you have a slice of pizza. She said she did it for Instagram. Overall it was a delicious burger with pizza. It is a very interesting burger, lets just say that.

We shared an order of French Fries with Hickory Seasoning for $7.00 and Onion Rings with Syrup for $9.00. If you enjoy Hickory Sticks then you will love the fries, they taste exactly like Hickory Sticks. The Onion Rings have Maple Syrup and is delicious. You wouldn’t think it would be a good combination but they are a great flavour profile.

The Drinks

As we were waiting they were making these amazing crazy milkshakes and we just had to try them as well.

My wife and I shared the Captain America Comic-Con Milkshake for $13.00. It is a vanilla milkshake with red and blue chocolate and sprinkles, two donuts and a Captain America shield. It is crazy!!

My daughter loves Oreo’s so there was only one she had her eye on, Oreomania for $11.00. It is a cookies and cream milkshake with whip and deep fried Oreo’s. It is delicious.

The Service

The employees were very nice and very helpful. They seat you so that they know where you are in the food court. The employees were amazing, we had questions and they answered all the questions.

The Hours

Monday to Thursday: 11:00AM – 9:00PM

Friday to Saturday: 11:00AM – 10:00PM

Sunday: 11:00AM – 9:00PM


There is lots of parking all around the mall.

Last Words

We would like to go back and try another burger and another milkshake since there is so many options. I would recommend that you try a milkshake and a burger.

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