We headed down to Inglewood to check out this new bookstore that also sells coffee. We have been keeping an eye on Instagram with the progress of this shop. It was so much better in person than online.

The Interior

There are books everywhere! It is absolutely amazing! The walls are lined with books and at the back of the store there is a coffee bar. There is four tables for your to enjoy your beverage. We were talking to the baristas saying that they are going to need more tables with how busy they already are. Each of the tables that you could sit at and the tables the books were on were all different, very eclectic.

The Drinks

On their menu they have a couple different options. It is also amazing that their menu is by donation, so the prices that they have, if you cannot afford you can pay what you can. It is absolutely amazing.

I ordered the Latte for $4.00. They use Matchstick coffee and it was very good.

My wife ordered a Honey Bourbon Tea Misto for $4.24 and it was really good, it was not too sweet. Just the way she likes it.

My daughter ordered a Peppermint/ Spearmint Tea Misto for $4.25 and it was really good. You taste more of the spearmint than anything else.

The Service

Everyone was really nice and it was very busy and they still took the time to talk to us. We even got to talk to one of the owners since it is a family friends friend.

The Hours

Monday to Saturday: 11AM – 6PM

Sunday: 12PM – 5PM


There is parking out front and down the street. You are in Inglewood so it is all street parking and you will pay, and pay dearly you will.

Last Words

We will definitely be visiting again, my daughter felt in heaven with all those books. So I know we will be visiting again in the future. Especially when they get the basement filled with used books, there will be some hidden gems down there.

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