We stopped in Fort Langley on recommendation by a friend to visit Wendel’s Bookstore and Cafe. It is located in the historical part of Langley, and it felt like stepping back in time visiting this unique cafe.

The Interior

It is located on the corner of Glover and Mavis. When you enter the shop, to the left is a bookstore and to the right is the cafe. There is multiple tables outside of the cafe on both sides. The bookstore is full of new and old books alike. The inside of the cafe has a couple tables and cases of baked goods to enlighten your taste buds.

The Drinks

After a quick look at the menu we ordered our beverages.

I ordered a Latte made with Oat Milk for $5.55 and it didn’t taste good at all, so I took it back and they made me a new Latte with regular milk and it tasted much better. Originally it tasted like the oat milk and espresso were two different flavours and didn’t go together at all.

My wife ordered a Vanilla Tea Misto for $4.65 and it was the perfect sweetness. If you enjoy a tea with a subtle sweetness made with Mighty Leaf tea, this is the tea for you.

My daughter ordered an Sweetened Iced Tea for $3.15 and it was delicious. Very refreshing.


The Treats

When you look in their display case and see some amazing treats we decided to try a couple. We ordered a slice of NY Cheesecake for $5.50, a slice of Bee Sting (sponge cake, bavarian cream, and a coconut, almond, honey crunch on top), and a tiramisu cup for $4.75. Everything was really good, I would go back and try some of their other baked items.

As well as treats, they have food menu that looks really good as well.  All the food coming out looked very good and well portioned.

The Service

The staff was very friendly and it was very busy with lots of people. Everyone sitting outside with us were very friendly and their dogs were absolutely amazing. A very dog friendly cafe.

The Hours

Monday to Sunday: 7:30AM – 10PM


There is street parking everywhere, but good luck finding a spot. It was very busy.

It is well worth looking for a spot to park you won’t be disappointed.

Last Words

While we were enjoying our snacks, a train came through, it was a block away and it was flying through the little town. They honked the horn and it was so loud, amazing, but very loud. I would go back and try their food, because everything we seen looked absolutely amazing.

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