After our stop at Storm City I had my daughter google how close we were to Grounds for Coffee, when she said that we were only 500 meters aways, I said we should go for a walk. Little to our knowledge that they are known for their Cinnamon Buns, there is even a sign outside saying “Best Cinnamon Buns in the City”. All of a sudden we were excited.

The Interior

There was not as many tables as what we thought there would be, there was a couple of table along the wall, one in the front window and the smallest table ever which is the table we sat at. The whole left side when you entered was where the cinnamon buns and snacks were located.

The Drinks

Even though we had just had a caffeinated beverage not that long ago we decided to try some of Pedro’s coffee, he is a local roaster located in Richmond. I had never heard of Pedro’s prior to this trip to Vancouver.

I ordered a 16oz Latte for $4.05 which had really good flavour. The coffee had some notes of chocolate and something else a bit sweet.

My wife ordered a 12oz Hot Chocolate for $4.70 which had lots of chocolate but it wasn’t overly sweet. When you see a ton of chocolate on a hot chocolate it gets you worried that it might be too sweet, but it was actually amazing.

My daughter ordered a 12oz Caramel Apple Cider for $3.85 and she said that it had a nice caramel flavour. You got a whole cinnamon stick to stir your beverage with as well.

The Food

When you walk in you get the best smell ever of cooked cinnamon buns so since they are know for their cinnamon buns we decided to get a couple. They were a lot lighter than the cinnamon buns that people are used to. It was very delicious. I wish I hadn’t ate earlier as I could have devoured one of these cinnamon buns myself, instead my wife and me split one.

The Service

The employees were very friendly. It was a very busy location, people constantly coming in to get drinks and a cinnamon bun then leaving to head on their way. We were also really excited to see that they use Sugar Cane straws instead of plastic, big bonus for them.

The Hours

Daily 7:00AM – 6:00PM


There is a bunch of street parking and you will have to pay as well, you cannot park in front as it is a bus zone.

Last Words

I would stick to getting a 16oz which is their medium, because we found out that their large which is 20oz, it’s huge. We were interested so we asked. Other than that we would definitely head back and get more cinnamon buns in the future. We were also pleased to see that they just opened their second location on Commercial. Congrats.

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