One of the places that we really wanted to visit while in Vancouver was a nice little shop just off of Broadway was Storm City. They are known for their Cream Puffs, they are normally available after 10:00 am but today we were lucky and they were already out.

The Interior

It is nice and open with all windows on the two sides. There had tables lining all the windows and then in the middle there was a big communal table that you could sit at. All the tables by the windows were laptop free zones, the big communal table was the only location were you could use the laptop. On the roof there was a stripe of bright yellow paint which was nice to all the white they had in the location.

The Drinks

After reviewing the menu we decided to get a couple beverages to start out our day.

I ordered a Latte made with Timbertrain Caliber Blend. Cost: $4.60. It had really great smooth sweet flavour. Timber train is one of my favourite roasters. 

My wife ordered an Assam Tea Misto for $4.60. It was absolutely delicious and it was not overly sweet which is just the way she likes it.

My daughter ordered a Vanilla Latte for $5.20. It was really good, it had just enough vanilla flavour that you could taste it.

The Food

Since they are known for their Cream Puffs we got a Vanilla one for $4.50, it had amazing vanilla flavour and the cream was so refreshing.

We also got an Earl Grey Scone for $4.00 which had amazing earl grey flavour, it was delicious. We got a Bacon Cheddar Scone for $4.00 which was absolutely amazing, you didn’t even have to add any butter to the scone.

We also got a Cheese and Fig Jam Sandwich for $5.00 which was really good, love the fig and the addition of two kinds of cheese. Lastly we got a Cranberry Coconut Cookie for $1.25 and it was a shortbread type of cookie so it was really delicious but very sweet.

The Service

The employees were really friendly and we noticed that it was very very busy. So many people kept walking in and getting their drinks and food items to go. The vibe was really chill and there was no rush which was really nice as well, there was no one rushing you to leave when you were done either.

The Hours

Monday to Friday: 7:00AM – 6:00PM

Saturday and Sunday: 8:00AM – 6:00PM


There is a bunch of street parking and since you are in Vancouver you will have to pay.

Last Words

I know that next time we are in Vancouver we will have to stop by and see what new kinds of Cream Puffs they have available. They were so good, make sure if you are around to stop in and try one.

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