Our second stop in Okotoks was a cute little house located just off the main road called 94 Take the Cake. It is located in an old house that has been transformed into a bakery and cafe. It sit amongst other residential houses. This could be a good thing or a bad thing, a good thing in the way I would be there every day grabbing a beverage and a pastry, a bad thing in the way I would be there every day grabbing a beverage and a pastry.


The Interior

You walk into the main living area where there is the counter that you order at as well as a couple places to sit.

The counter shows off some of their baked goods as well as some of their cakes that they make and sell. They also have books that you can look through of their cakes that they have made in the past.

In the room to the right there is a room with a round table and then a couple other spots to sit.


The Drinks

We were so distracted by all of the delicious goods that we had some issues deciding what we wanted to drink. After looking over the menu again we decided what we wanted to drink.

I ordered the Latte for $4.95 and it was good, it had good flavour. They use Loft Coffee which was really nice to see. I love to see business supporting local.

My wife ordered the London Fog for $3.95, they use Twinning’s tea, and she only wished that they used better tea, but overall it was good.

My daughter ordered a Vanilla Latte for $5.50 and it had great flavour with a subtle vanilla flavour.


The Food

We also ordered a couple food items since everything looked absolutely amazing.

We ordered a Chocolate Coconut Cream Cheese Cupcake for $3.50 and it had really good flavour and was served super cute like.

We also had a lemon tart for $6.00 and it was outstanding, amazing lemon flavour and the crust was baked perfectly.

Lastly we ordered a Blueberry Almond Scone for $2.00 and it was really good, the blueberries and almonds were perfect.


The Service

The young lady that was working there was amazing, she allowed my daughter to check out their really amazing sprinkle wall. My daughter was in love with the wall. She also told us to check out some of the mazing cakes and cookies that they had made in the past. They were amazing.


The Hours

Monday to Friday – 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

Saturday to Sunday – 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM



There was parking in the front since it is on a side road. You may have trouble finding parking because if they are busy, it will be difficult.


Last Words

We will definitely visit this little shop again in the future to sit on their amazing patio that they have. Also my daughter found amazing Alice in Wonderland cookies that I am sure she will want to order in the future as well.

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