This amazing cafe was a little difficult to find at first since it is located a little off the beaten path. It is actually located behind the building that GPS sent us to, which we didn’t know at first.

Once we drove around the building, we were happy to see the location with giant garage doors, that were not open today, but could be on a very nice day.


The Interior

The inside of the shop is a huge open space, full of light, and it has a gorgeous open concept throughout the main level. There is stairs located on the far side that takes you up to a second floor where there is more seating and a beautiful view of the lower level.

There is a long counter showcasing food, coffee, and their machines.  At the end of the counter they have their roasting machine that can be viewed by all their guests.

The cafe also has a little stage on the far wall and they have open mic every Saturday from 1-3pm. We were there on a Friday and we were very shocked at how many people where there.

The Drinks

After asking a couple questions about some of their menu items we selected a couple drinks that sounded amazing.

I ordered a Latte for $4.75 and it was made with a Mexican Peruvian Blend of beans, it was quite flavorful. This is their own blend. Unfortunately they don’t sell their espresso from what I was told. They do however sell their other coffee.

My wife ordered a Chai Frappe for $4.12 and since it was Chai Friday she received her beverage 25% off. She said that it was delicious and quite refreshing.

My daughter ordered an Iced London Fog for $5.00 and they sweetened with Vanilla instead of Lavender, which was delicious.

The Food

We also decided to get a couple treats to try since everything in their case looked amazing.

We ordered a Brownie for $3.00 and it had a German chocolate topping with coconut, it was absolutely delicious.

We also ordered an Oatcake for $2.50 and it was more of a cookie than a cake, but it was delicious and chewy.

The Service

Everyone working there was very friendly and helpful when answering our questions. They were quick getting us our beverages and our delicious treats.

The Hours

Monday to Friday:  8:00AM – 3:00PM

Saturday:  10:00AM – 3:00PM



There was quite a bit of parking out front of their location.


Last Words

This shop is absolutely amazing and would definitely visit this cafe again in the future. Red Deer has a great little coffee shop and if you are there, you should definitely stop and get a beverage from this cafe.

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