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“Pumkin” Hot Chocolate – $5.75

Just the same as the Fairy Godmother metamorphosed an ordinary gourd into an extraordinary carriage, this hot chocolate will carry you on a flavourful journey. With a mixture of chocolate, pumpkin and spices, this drink alters as you indulge in its richness. Sit back and enjoy as your tastebuds are whisked away. Best part? You don’t have to worry about your beverage transforming back.

The presentation of this hot chocolate is very pretty with cocoa and cinnamon on top. The hot chocolate was rich and creamy with a subtle flavour of pumpkin, which was nice since too much pumpkin would be gross. It was really delicious and it’s a new take on a hot chocolate.

We did comment that some would like a little more pumpkin flavour so they may play with adding a little more of the pumpkin sauce to their hot chocolates. Overall this is a very good hot chocolate and would suggest trying this if you are in the North West.

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