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Holy Smokes! – $8.00

Holy smokes! Is a smooth and smokey BBQ sauce hot chocolate created with Swiss dark chocolate topped with a candied jalapeño whipped cream and bits of crispy bacon. Satisfy your inner cowboy! Tip: if you like hot stuff, ask our barista for a slice of that candied jalapeño on your whipped cream. Holy Smokes! is kind of gluten free, definitely not vegan, absolutely not sugar free, certainly not dairy free and most assuredly delicious!

Before I start this I want to make sure that if you are going to try this hot chocolate you will have to go in with an open mind for sure. I walked into a french patisserie and had barbecue, it was absolutely amazing.

This is a savoury hot chocolate rather than a sweet, when you drink it all together you get a wonderful undertone of barbecue sauce. The candied jalapeño is in the whip and it is subtle which is amazing because I think if it was too spicy it wouldn’t be as good as it is. If you like it spicier than you can ask for a piece of candied jalapeño added to the beverage.

I think that this is one of the most creative hot chocolates that we have tried thus far.

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