The Ned – $5.50

Inspired by Ned Flanders’ creation in The Simpsons Movie, we recreated the fanciest hot chocolate ever. In the movie, Bart is fed up with his relationship with his father Homer, and wishes he had a fatherly relationship like Ned does with his sons Rod & Todd. Ned tries to cheer up Bart by offering him an over the top hot cocoa through the window sill. Starting with our classic drinking chocolate, topped with whipped cream, chocolate shavings, a mini house made waffle cone, and a blow torched mallow! You won’t regret treating yourself to this decadent treat. Guaranteed to cheer up Bart Simpson or anyone else that comes to visit the Fiasco Gelato Headquarters.

When I ordered the barista said that they didn’t have any marshmallows because the batch came out too sticky (above picture is from a friend). Which I was slightly said, I wanted to try the whole hot chocolate the way they expected it to be. The whip was from a can and not homemade which was sad as well, I wish they would have made their own whip.

Overall the hot chocolate was good, the waffle cone melted into the chocolate and left chunks in the drink, which is always not a pleasant mouth feel. The chocolate part of the hot chocolate was good, very plain which is sometime nice when you have tried a bunch of crazy ones.

Over I was slightly disappointed since they have had better hot chocolates in the past.

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