Chocolate Fog – $5.72 small, $6.05 medium, $6.67 large

When chocolate meets tea. Velvety smooth hot chocolate with our robust earl grey tea topped with vanilla whipped cream and an earl grey cookie. How can you say no?

We were quite nervous about trying this Hot Chocolate since last year their lavender Hot Chocolate was not my favourite. We had read some of the other reviews of this drink and we knew exactly how we wanted to get the drink made.

The vanilla whip had great flavour, the shortbread cookie had really good as well, and we made sure to eat it before it fell into the Hot Chocolate. The drink itself had really good earl grey flavouring, but we couldn’t taste the Chocolate at all. When asked what kind of Chocolate they use, they replied chocolate milk, that is why you don’t get any Chocolate, the tea over powers the milk and you get no Chocolate.

Just know that this is a huge improvement from last year, but there is still work that needs to be done to get this to be a better Hot chocolate.

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