Dark Chocolate Strawberry – $9.45

Hand blended dark chocolate with a hint of fresh strawberries, topped with whipped cream, freeze dried strawberry pieces and a marshmallow heart skewer.

We were nervous to try either of there offered hot chocolates from what we have read from some of our followers. So we decided to try the Dark Chocolate Strawberry Hot Chocolate and it was kind of disappointing. First the price, we were shocked to see how much this hot chocolate was and we are wondering how they justify the high price point with only a dollar going to Meals on Wheels?

Second the flavour, we were shocked that they were using Monin Strawberry syrup, whip from a can and we were happy to see the freeze dried strawberries until they were in the hot chocolate. We have stated so many times before that we don’t like chunks in our hot chocolates and this one had chunks. We found out that the dark chocolate was hand designed and melted down into the milk.

Overall we would not be spending almost ten dollars on a hot chocolate unless we know that they are using high quality ingredients and that they can tell us exactly what is in it. Also they should be donating $2 to Meals on Wheels for this beverage.

We expected more for the price point that this hot chocolate was.

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