Cookies and Cream Cheesecake Hot Chocolate – $7.00

A dark chocolate and cookie infused hot chocolate with a cheesecake whipped cream topping. finished with a cookie crumble!

It’s Extreme Coffee Freaks daughter and today me and two friends headed to Monki Bistro for Friday brunch and it worked out that she could try their hot chocolate. It was sweet since the whip is flavoured with cheesecake but when you had a drink of all of the components together it was really good. We were happy at how delicious it was.

It’s Extreme Coffee Freak’s daughter and today me and two of my best friends are down in Inglewood at Monki Bistro for brunch. We decided to try a new place including the YYC Hot Chocolate while we were there.

The Interior

It was very busy and we were happy that we booked a reservation. The space was spacious and the one wall had open brick which was nice. They have seating in the window with tables on the right side with a big family style table in the middle with more tables on the left. The space feels very big and spacious with the windows at the front of the cafe. At the back there is a window so you can see into the kitchen, it is always nice to see your food come to the window.

The Food

I ordered the Monki Fondue for $18 and it was nice that you could customize with the different kinds of chocolate to dip your waffle pieces in. Today I ordered pink, earl grey, and matcha chocolate for dipping. The pink chocolate was creamy and smooth, the matcha was sweet but good, and the earl grey was amazing and delicious. It was a nice option for a sweet brunch.

Taylor ordered the French Toast for $17 and it was a banana and frangelico cream cheese stuffed french toast with hazelnut chocolate and condensed milk. She said it a great combination and balance of flavours. She said that if it didn’t have the condensed milk it would be very sweet. After she finished her French Toast she also ordered a side of Bacon for $5 and she got 7 pieces of thick cut bacon. You have the choice of crispy or extra crispy for the bacon and it was perfectly cooked.

Jonathan ordered the Brisket Hash for $18 and it was slow braised spiced brisket with valbella sausage topped with 2 poached eggs and hollandaise, it also had some potatoes which were seasoned perfectly. The brisket was tender and flaky and well seasoned and the eggs were perfectly poached to medium so that the yolk covered the other components.

The Service

Everyone was very friendly and our waitress was nice and answered all our questions. They brought the food quickly and it was hot. Even for how busy it was our waitress still checked up on us a couple time to refill our waters.

The Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 3:00pm

Saturday and Sunday: 8:00am – 4:00pm


There is parking all along the street that is two hours for free near the restaurant. Anywhere else is paid parking and it’s not crazy expensive if you are only there for an hour or so.

Last words

For sure my friends and I will be visiting again sometime in the future to try some of their other amazing menu options that we looked at.

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