While our adventures started a couple weeks ago, we have listed our six that we think you should try in the following weeks. Both my wife and daughter have their own six that they would like to let people know about. There is a slight disclaimer that my daughter tried some that my wife did not, and vis versa. Know that these lists are not in any specific order. Without further ado here are the lists.

My wife’s list that she hopes everyone will try;

Black Sheep – Holy Smokes – $8

The Nash – Dark Cocoa with Toasted Banana Merigne – $7

The Block (spirited) – Coconut Bliss – $9

Sawa – Spice It Up – $6

Calgary Heritage – Chicken Bones – $6.30

Bite – Raspberry Beret – $7


My daughter’s list that she hopes everyone will try;

Sought and Found – Milk x Chocolate x Marshmallow – $8

Bike and Brew – Tofifee – $6

Hexagon – PB and J – $6.50

Ollia – Rocher Hot Chocolate – $6

Bite (without the chocolate bite) – Raspberry Beret – $7

Sawa – Spice It Up – $6

And our honourable mentions are Bridgeland (Nuts About You – $6.49) because they have an amazing marshmallow and the process of creating the ganache ball and melting with the steamed milk is absolutely amazing. The second is Linas Italian Market (Sapporo di Sicilia – $5.99) because even though I don’t consider this a hot chocolate and we think outside the box, it was very decadent and the pistachio whip was delicious.

We hope that you can get out in the next two weeks and try any of the above or even some of the other creations from YYC Hot Chocolate Fest.

Happy Chocolating!

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