On our last day in Salmon Arm I came across this new cafe that just opened called Anvil Coffee Collective. It is a relatively big cafe located in downtown Salmon Arm. Anvil is a family run company and managed by the sister duo Shelby and Destini. They are amazing. Everything in the cafe is made by their father which is super cool, all the furniture is so comfortable and very rustic.

The Interior

When you walk in there is a small table with merchandise on it, behind that there is the bar and kitchen along the right side. On the left side there is a bunch of tables that you can sit at. Like I said above all the tables are made by the sisters father, we sat at the table at the front of the cafe. This is where we met the sisters for the first time, they were so sweet and really knew what they were interested in and how they see their business being successful. 

The Drinks

After talking with the sisters we decided to get a couple drinks that they were making. 

I ordered a Pour Over made with Rooftop for $4.20 which was really good, it was made with an Ethiopian. It was so nice to have a pour over.

My wife and daughter ordered the London Fog for $5 each. It was made with the Jagasilk powder which was absolutely amazing. It wasn’t watered down or anything. It was excellent.

The Food

While we were there we decided to try a couple of their food items that are all made in house which was amazing.

My wife and I shared a White Chocolate Cranberry Scone for $4.50 and it was so good. I couldn’t believe how delicious it was, and in the end we had to get a couple more when we were leaving.

My daughter had a Yogurt Parfait for $4.25 which was amazing. The granola was homemade which made the yogurt really good.

The Service

The staff were super friendly and they were very busy and yet they never changed their customer service. Their were people coming and going consistently high was great. There was a nice patio out front, but it was a little chilly when we got there so we sat inside. 

The Hours

Monday to Friday – 8:00am to 4:00pm

Saturday – 9:00am to 4:00pm

Sunday – Closed


There is a small lot in front of the building, but there is a bunch of street parking on either side.

Last Words

This will be our go to cafe when we drive through Salmon Arm. We loved everything about the experience, the beverages, and the food. We have made sure to tell all our friends that drive through to go and visit these amazing sisters. If you go, make sure you say Extreme Coffee Freak sent you. 

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