Tatooine Hot Chocolate

“Our talented baristas travelled far far away into outer space to the planet of Tatooine in the Star Wars galaxy to bring you a special drink for this year’s hot chocolate fest. Inspired by Bantha Milk, with the power of the force, we introduce to you our “Tatooine Hot Chocolate”. White Chocolate melted to order blended with blue spirulina and lavender, fresh steamed coconut and gf oat milk, topped with a dusting of the light side and dark side. This sweet exotic drink is sure to please in this cold winter.”

Price: $6.00

Although this hot chocolate sounds like it would be sweet, it is surprisingly not, it has the perfect balance of sweetness and creaminess. We think it really helps that the combination of the oat milk and coconut milk really balances this drink.

The hot chocolate is indeed blue and you can taste the lavender which is not over done, this is always a bonus, too much lavender and it tastes like soap. The Euphoria team really thought this drink out and made it taste delicious.

If you want to take a trip to a galaxy far far away, head to Euphoria and choose a side.

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