The Neapolitan

“If you love Neapolitan Ice Cream as much as we do, this is the hot chocolate for you! Hints of strawberries, chocolate milk, and intense vanilla Topped with whip cream and house baked crushed Neapolitan cookies.”

Price: Small $6.25, Medium $6.75, Large $6.95

We were very surprised at how delicious this hot chocolate was, you could taste all the flavours of Neapolitan. The steamed chocolate milk mixed with strawberry and vanilla syrup really was the perfect combination. The whip didn’t seem to have any flavour and it really didn’t seem to break down in the drink at all. It was topped with a delicious Neapolitan cookie and it was absolutely delicious.

Overall this drink was delicious and a hundred times better than the lavender one last year. Well done Higher Ground!

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