Raspberry Crimson Hot Chocolate

“Raspberry Red Velvet Hot Chocolate, Pistachio, Raspberry Coulee, Cream Cheese and Marshmallow Whip Cream, topped with a Red Velvet Waffle.”

Price: $9.00

This hot chocolate is a very beautiful hot chocolate with the presentation. The waffle piece is very moist and very delicious, especially if you dip into the whipped cream. The drink also had a really good red velvet / chocolate flavour throughout the whole drink. We wished that there was more pistachio on the top since it added a really nice saltiness to the drink. The raspberry coulee had really great flavour and added a nice tartness to the hot chocolate. 

If you are wanting to eat at Sammie, make sure you call first to put your name down on the list. They only have eight tables and were very busy when we stopped in to get this hot chocolate.   

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