Ugandan Vanilla & Sea Salt, 60% Dark

“A collaboration with Goldie Chocolate, our love letter to Uganda. Direct Trade vanilla from Uganda, paired with cocoa beans sourced from Bundibugyo, Western Uganda. Floral with sweet vanilla notes enhanced by a gentle sprinkle of sea salt. Vanilla Marshmallow. Vegan friendly.”

Price: $11.00, add espresso from Mt. Elgon Uganda $13.00, add Bourbon $18.00

Let me start off by saying we just had the plain hot chocolate and it is absolutely delicious. The homemade vanilla marshmallow is outstanding. We were able to purchase some of the chocolate that they use in the hot chocolate and it is amazing, you taste the vanilla and the hint of salt. They are using the highest quality of ingredients in the hot chocolate and the chocolate has been sourced from Uganda which is amazing. The drink was so good that we were sad when it was all gone, we definitely drank it way too fast. When you come and try one of the hot chocolates you are getting a full experience when you visit Kaffeeklatsch. 

If you want to have a full immersive experience, please head down and visit Jessica at Kaffeeklatsch and try one of these amazing hot chocolates that she has created. 

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