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Lot #102

Located on the NE corner of Memorial Drive and 10 Street NW. This place has been a number of different restaurants in the past. I have see it a number of times as we have driven by and thought we should go and check it out. So last night we did. Parking down in Kensington is always a struggle, so you just have to be patient, you will eventually find something.

We walked into Lot 102, not sure what kind of food they had, but checking out new places is always a risk. Tonight we were not disappointed.

For our evenings entertainment, we were able to watch a few guys surfing on the Bow River which was pretty cool. We also seen hoards of people, and I mean hoards of them walking by trying to catch Pokemon.


The views of downtown are terrific.

Our server was also excellent to deal with, very friendly.

We both had a crispy chicken sandwich, it had asiago mayo, bacon and a fennel apple slaw on it. Sandwiches we excellent. We also ordered the house cut fries and an order of their onion rings. The fries were the skinny fries and were pretty good. I was expecting a thicker fry. The onion rings were made out of red onion and were excellent as well. The food was well presented and didn’t take very long to get.


Overall, this is a pretty good place and would not hesitate to recommend it to everyone, I will be back and try something else. If I hadn’t had a burger for lunch, I would have went with the burger, because the choices sounded amazing. I would also like to try the Rosemary Lemon Fries.

Friends Cappuccino Bar & Bake Shop

Friends is located in Edgemont in Calgary’s NW.

When we first showed up I was a little concerned as to what I may find on the inside as the outside of the building looks a little run down. The place is in need of a fresh coat of paint. Once you enter Friends, the decor has a country flair with a hint of industrial. There is a three sided fireplace, and over in the corner they a couple of old spindle rocking chairs just like grandma used to have. The atmosphere is a friendly and cozy with all the different seating arrangements including a couch in front of the fireplace.

We somehow managed to receive our food before we received our drinks which seemed rather odd.

We ordered a couple of sandwiches, one was the “Breakfast Bob” (grilled cheese, ham, onion, tomato and a fried egg) and the other was “The One with Strawberries” (smoked turkey, brie, strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes). Both sandwiches were really good and were loaded up. Not cheap with the ingredients.


As you tell from the menu, they have a lot of food options there for you to choose from. We let a few people go ahead of us as it took us some time to read through the menu. In looking at the menu, the prices are quite reasonable. Pretty comparable to most shops out there.

Our drink order was a London Fog and a Flat White. Then I said to the lady who brought out our drinks ” Excuse me miss but I ordered the large flat white.” Ha ha
Holy cow look at the size of that thing. It’s huge. I really struggled to finish it.


Friends seems more like a place that the community locals go to as it is kind of out of the way. I have wanted to check this place out for quite a while now but because they have very limited hours during the week, it makes it tough. They close at 5pm from Monday to Saturday and at 4pm on Sunday’s. I do wish they were open later, because sometimes after dinner a guy just feels like getting a beverage.

The coffee shop is a friendlier place to sit around, as you could probably start up a conversation with anybody in the place. On Sunday, Friends was a very busy place. The clientele was a more mature crowd.

They also sell small gifts, cards and coffee at the front of the shop. Unfortunately no wifi.


Village Ice Cream

Village Ice Cream is located downtown on 10 Ave SW. If you drive to the end of the street and you still can’t find it. Look just a little harder because it is tucked back off the street and it is in an area you wouldn’t think you would find an ice cream shop.


We have been coming here now for a few years, you could say were are regular villagers. Thats what they call their customers. This place is always busy. Even when you think it isn’t, wait a few minutes like we did last night and pow, a whole ton of people show up. Nobody gets cranky here, because they have to wait, they know the ice cream is worth it.
Their ice cream is made in small batches. They have about 10 flavours always available but then they have their Seasonal flavours which change all the time. The seasonal flavours I seen last night were Root Beer and Mango. My wife’s favourite is the Strawberry, Lemon and Basil. When they start serving this we usually buy a few pints, and I forgot to mention that you can go there and buy pints of ice cream to take home. They also let you sample the different flavours they have available. Makes it easier to make your decision, or does it?


All of the ice cream is made right on site with local and seasonal ingredients.

Last night we ordered the Toasted Coconut in a waffle cone and I went with a double scoop of Maple Pecan and Salted Caramel in a waffle cone. So excellent. All the flavours are incredible from what I have been told. In all the time I have been going there I have only had one other flavour, I just love the salted caramel and the maple pecan. Sorry, I love what I love.


They also make their own waffle cones. Ours were still warm when they served them to us and who doesn’t want their ice cream in a warm cone.

Parking is a premium down there, so don’t be surprised if you have to park a block away. The parking lot right outside is only meant for small cars as I found out last night when I decided to take my F150 down there. Had to wait an additional 15 minutes for the guy behind me to move. He was parked in a no parking zone.

They also have a small deck with some benches on it for you to enjoy your ice cream, but most people just stand around wherever.

I have had a lot of ice cream in my day and Village Ice Cream is the best. Seriously the best. I have told a ton of people about this place and they all agree.

If you haven’t been there, go, go now. Let me when you are going and I will meet you down there.

Cochrane Coffee Traders

Cochrane Coffee Traders is located just off Main Street in Cochrane. This place looks like an old cabin on the outside and believe it or not it looks like an old cabin on the inside as well.

The decor is very rustic, they even have a wood burning fireplace in the corner. I think this would be a real treat in the fall and winter months enjoying a coffee and a muffin. They also have a loft area upstairs with some additional seating which was pretty cool. I think the only thing that would have made it better was a few couches by the fireplace. They also have a patio with a few benches on it, and they also have a few picnic tables outside as well.


The had 4 different coffee beans they were serving up yesterday, a dark, a light, a flavour and a decaf. I could only assume they change this up daily or weekly. Nice to have the choice. They also roast their own beans offsite.

The other thing I forgot to mention is that they offer a selection of alternate milks.

They had a pretty good selection of cookies, muffins and some other sweet treats for you to enjoy. Since we just finished lunch, we were only having a beverage today.


This afternoon we went with the London Fog and a Vanilla Latte. Both drinks tasted really good.


If coffee isn’t your thing, what am I saying, of course you are going there to have a coffee. It’s called coffee traders not tea traders. So if you are like my wife and prefer tea, there’s a ton of loose leaf teas also available. Let’s talk more coffee, they also have a good selection of coffee beans for sale.


Another thing I would like to mention is they really like their chalkboards as they are used every where for their menu boards.

The staff were pretty friendly, the only real issue I had was that they made my wife’s drink and then another staff member jumped in and made another customers drinks while the girl serving me had to wait to make my drink. Seemed a little odd that they would do this.

Tim’s Gourmet Pizzeria

Tim’s Gourmet Pizzeria is located just off of Main Street in Cochrane.

Today we headed to Cochrane for a caffeinated beverage, and decided to have some lunch while we were there. We actually stumbled across Tim’s Gourmet Pizzeria as we were looking for a particular coffee place which just happened to be across the street from Tim’s. Has to be good place with a name like Tim’s. Ha Ha


The decor has a French bistro feel with a rustic flair. There is a cool chandelier over the cash register. There is about a half a dozen tables in the place along with a long table in front of the window. There is some counter seating where you can watch them make the pizzas.

The menu is quite limited and seemed a bit pricey, but the food was really good. The pizzas they have on their menu aren’t just the standard ham and pineapple or pepperoni, which they have. What really shines is their great original flavours.

We started with the bruschetta. It was served on warm home made bread, with fresh tomatoes, and seasoned just right. It was excellent. The 2 pieces we ordered were not enough to fill you up but just enough to get you ready for the pizza.


Then we ordered 3 Little Tim pizzas. The spolumbo pizza, the honey bunch pizza and the teriyaki chicken without cilantro as I am not a fan of it. Next time I would order the Tim’s size or the Big Tim’s size as the Little Tim’s is more of a kids size. The little Tim’s could be used as a sampler size which is a good idea and gave us the opportunity to try more than 1 kind. All 3 pizzas had really good flavour. The spolumbo pizza had spolumbo sausage, prosciutto ham and cranberries and was really good but, the most interesting pizza was the honey bunch pizza which had actual honey on it as well as thyme, prosciutto and goat cheese. It was very interesting to eat but very good.

Tim’s also sells frozen pizzas from here as well. We did see a few people had come in to get some.

The host/server was very friendly. He was very attentive and eager to make sure our experience was a pleasant one.

The only negative thing I could say about the place is that the restaurant was very hot inside. IMG_0246

Red’s in Ramsay

Red’s is located in Old Ramsay in southeast Calgary not far from the Stampede Grounds.
Old diner atmosphere with the original old floors and a nice industrial decor with lots of windows. They also have some cool artwork on the walls. They have 13-14 tables inside and a few more outside on the patio. There is a counter bar for about another 10-12 people can sit at.

It is very busy and full. They are very quick to clean off tables and get the next people seated. Staff very friendly and service was great. Within a minute of sitting down, our server was there with water and ready to take our drink order.

The servers were going non-stop. They were constantly on the move. The kitchen was fast paced as well, getting out quite a bit of food while we were there. Everybody seemed pretty happy with the food they were getting.

Today we ordered the vanilla latte and a london fog. Both drinks were pretty good.


There is lots of choices on the menu as well as a daily special, and they serve breakfast all day. They have some healthier choices on the menu and some not so healthy choices. Pretty much everything I seen coming past the table looked terrific.
Since breakfast is good anytime of the day, we decided to have breakfast this afternoon. We ordered a bowl of assorted fruit, the Ramsay Bennie which has artichoke, prosciutto with homemade hollandaise with a balsamic drizzle. We also ordered the Red’s Big Breakfast, which is basically bacon, sausage and eggs and comes with a pancake. The portions were very large. There was a huge portion of potatoes on our plates that we couldn’t even eat. Prices weren’t the cheapest but the food was really good.

I did see quite a few people ordering milkshakes, they must be good. They have some interesting alcoholic drinks including some what they call Boozy Milkshakes. I don’t even drink and I could see myself having one of these.

Parking is street parking so you may need to drive around a little bit to get yourself a spot.

Today we left Red’s very full and satisfied. Even though there will be a line up when you get there, it will be worth the wait.

Cappuccino King

We stopped by Cappuccino King today to stock up on some coffee supplies. it is located just off Edmonton Trail on 23rd Avenue NE.


They have a huge assortment of syrups, they have some of the best coffee beans in the city, and a big assortment of coffee equipment.

Every time we have been here the staff has always been very friendly and very helpful.

Check this place out, you will be glad you did.