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Kristi’s Polar Express

“Kristi’s own chocolate syrup with a shot of peppermint topped with a house-made marshmallow, a drizzle of chocolate and candy cane crumble. Made frothy with milk or milk alternatives so everyone can enjoy this season.”

Price: $7.25

This hot chocolate was another winner from Kristi, it was delicious, smooth, and creamy. Thankfully the peppermint flavour was not overpowering in any kind of way, it actually added a little to the flavour of the chocolate which was delicious. The marshmallow was toasted and tasted amazing by itself, but we let it melt throughout the drink and when I got to the bottom of the drink I got to enjoy the marshmallow with a little bit of the candy cane which was amazing.

This is definitely a must try hot chocolate if you find yourself around Edmonton Trail.


Kristi’s Kentucky Campout

“Kristi’s own chocolate syrup mixed with Angels envy – Kentucky Bourbon Whisky finished in port wine barrels, some of the best there is. Topped with a little smoke and a roasted house-made marshmallow with a cinnamon stick. You will feel like you are camping in the hills of Kentucky – almost heaven.”

Price: $14.50

This boozy hot chocolate was very delicious with the Angels Envy – Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey, it gave it such a warming effect with the hot chocolate. The whiskey also made the hot chocolate so smooth and very very good. Kristi also made their own chocolate sauce and marshmallows which really elevated the drink that much more.

The best part was the whiskey really blended with the chocolate and didn’t overpower the flavour of the chocolate. They really did their research and found the perfect whiskey to match with their chocolate to make this one delicious hot chocolate.


Red Velvet Cupcake Hot Chocolate

“Indulge in a sweet, hot chocolate inspired by red velvet cupcakes! Best Part? JusFruit will be using dragon fruit to bring out the colour and create a unique flavour.”

Price: $5.95

This drink was very good, it had the right amount of sweetness and tasted like a red velvet cupcake. The cream cheese foam is a nice addition to the drink as well. This hot chocolate is another great drink that we would suggest that you get out and enjoy.

While you are there we would also suggest that you try their second hot chocolate the Oreo Cheesecake Hot Chocolate as well.


Turtle-rrific Hot Chocolate

“We took inspiration from our favourite candies, Turtles, to craft this caramel, pecan, and chocolate drink. It is topped with a delicious combo of whipped cream, caramel and chocolate syrup, and crushed pecans. Last but not least there is also a Turtles Candy!”

Price: $6.50

Let us just start off with saying that we were excited to try their creation this year since last year was absolutely amazing. Now saying that it does taste like a turtle, we were unsure at first if it was walnuts or pecans on top. With that we found that whichever nut was on top made the milk taste different and almost change the flavour of the hot chocolate as a whole.

The hot chocolate did get better as we drank it, but again we are not fans of chunks in the hot chocolate and with the crushed nuts on top they fell into the drink and made it difficult to enjoy the beverage. We would suggest eating the whip with the crushed nuts before enjoying the hot chocolate.


When Doves Cry Lavender White Chocolate

“Rich and floral lavender white hot chocolate.”

Price: $7.00

We are always nervous to try anything with lavender, but Neighbour did a good job of not making it taste soapy. The whip was just the right amount of lavender flavour and when it mixed with the chocolate it was a nice flavour combination.

We have to say that this is probably the best lavender hot chocolate we have ever had, it has a nice subtle level of lavender flavour and the white chocolate is addition to the lavender.


Bergamot Honey Hot Chocolate

“Valrhona white chocolate infused with caramelized honey and bergamot topped with whipped cream and caramelized honey drizzle.”

Price: $5.75

This drink is absolutely amazing! The flavours all blend together so well and it is consistent throughout the whole drink. Each sip tasted the same from start to finish. There is a delicious honey flavour and mixed with the hot chocolate is amazing, the delicious bergamot flavour is such a great combination of all the flavours.

This drink is next level, it is so good, we struggled to finds anything really wrong with this drink. The only thing was that we drank it too fast that we wanted another one.

We have deemed this a MUST TRY!


Kirschwasser Schokomilch

“A Boozy black forest mocha. Have your cake and drink it too!”

Price: $14.00

This drink was absolutely delicious. We asked for the drink without the coffee again and it was amazing. It really tastes like a Black Forest Cake with a boozy twist. The addition of the Kirsch really added a warming sensation to the hot chocolate.

The only comment we had was we wished the hot chocolate was hotter, temperature wise.


Chocolate Covered Raspberry Hot Chocolate

“Dark Chocolate Raspberry Hot Chocolate, Raspberry Coulis, Chocolate Drizzle, and Freeze Dried Raspberries.”

Price: $6.10

This hot chocolate is presented in a beautiful manner even in to-go cup. This hot chocolate tastes exactly like a chocolate covered raspberry which was amazing. The only comment we had is wish the freeze dried raspberries was more of a powder since we had some chunks in the hot chocolate. Other than that it was a very delicious hot chocolate.

One last comment, when you drink all the way to the bottom we noticed that there was a bunch of un-melted chocolate chips, so we would hope that those could be melted a little more.


0094 Chocolatetini

“Steamed not Stirred. This hot chocolate has a caramel rim and complete with an Olive Macaron. We are donating $1 from every 0094 to Kids Cancer Care.”

Price: $6.95

We were really excited to head to Okotoks to try a hot chocolate from the Okotoks Hot Chocolate Festival. The festival runs from February 10-20 and we knew that we would have to head out and try the creation from 94 Take The Cake.

Sherry, the owner, really stepped up her creativity with this delicious hot chocolate. There is a little Olive Macaron (not olive flavoured) on this Chocolatetini. This was one of the most creative hot chocolates we had all day.

If you are in the South of Calgary, take the additional 10 minute drive and head out to try this creative hot chocolate from 94 Take the Cake.