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The Coup

Coup Hot Coco

“Our hot chocolate submission this year is a collaboration by all our staff to come up with something that can be enjoyed more than just once in a while, its Vegan, Gluten Free, Nut Free and made with ethically sourced ingredients to match the mission here at The Coup. This year we went for a light touch, used Oat Milk, Coconut Oil, Lavender, Vanilla, Matcha, and Vegan Dark Chocolate. The flavour combinations are in balance to provide a beautiful experience both satisfying what one would want out of a traditional coco, and also provide a pleasant modern touch. We made this because we like to drink it here and want to share this with the rest of Calgary.”

Price: $8.50

We were excited to try this hot chocolate since the one from last year was delicious. This year it didn’t quite seem like the flavours blended as much as what we had hoped. It seemed like something was not quite right. The flavour of the hot chocolate was good though, we got the lavender and the vanilla with the chocolate. Maybe we had a hot chocolate that was a little off but the flavour was still there. Also we wish they would have used a better oat milk, just from personal preference.

Caffe Beano

Minty Matcha Hot Chocolate

“Minty Matcha Hot Chocolate is a marriage made in heaven! Decadent, yummy and rich with antioxidants. It tastes good and is good for you!”

Price: $7.25

Oh My! This hot chocolate is just gorgeous and very delicious. The whip is the most beautiful shade of green we have ever seen and it has the slightest flavour of mint which was nice. The drink itself had a nice mint flavour and the matcha was there, but further into the drink they started to blend more and more. We were slightly sad that the drink itself wasn’t green since it had mint and matcha mixed with the chocolate. The added chocolate shavings on the hot chocolate were a delicious add for sure. This was a delicious hot chocolate for sure. You need to try this one!


Strawberry Cheesecake Hot Chocolate

“If you love our strawberry cheesecake, you will love our strawberry cheesecake hot chocolate. Hot Chocolate is made with house made strawberry compote, cheesecake foam, topped with whipped cream, strawberry and cheesecake drizzle, and finished with our heart shaped shortbread cookie.”

Price: 12oz – $6.25, 16oz – $6.95

We were very excited to try this hot chocolate since they are a bakery and their desserts are delicious. We are sad to report that this hot chocolate was lacking the cream cheese flavour in the drink. We searched and searched and came up with nothing, it was like the cream cheese foam was missing from our drink. On a good note the strawberry compote was very good and had a strong strawberry flavour. The cookie on top had good strawberry flavour, it was a little too buttery for our liking.

Hopefully if you go there you can get more of the cheesecake flavour than we did in our drink.

Loophole Coffee Bar

Hot Chocolate Immunity Bomb

“Belcolade chocolate with turmeric, black pepper and ginger. Topped with white pepper whipped cream.”

Price: Small $5.00, Medium $6.00, Large $7.00

This hot chocolate really surprised us. It was very good, the white pepper whip was amazing and the burn after you sip the hot chocolate is so nice. We were very pleased that the drink was smooth and not a strange texture from the turmeric. We had heard that other drinks that had turmeric had a weird texture and this hot chocolate did not at all.

If you are wanting to try something unique and very creative then definitely head to Loophole and try this immunity booster. We know it was a nice break form the standard hot chocolate that we have had in the past.

Monki Bistro

Cinnamon Toast Hot Chocolate

“Made with hot chocolate and cinnamony post-cereal milk, some caramel drizzle and topped with half a cinnamon bun, whipped cream, and some cereal crumbles, and you’ve got yourself a creation that even your childhood self would approve of.”

Price: $9.50

We enjoyed this hot chocolate a lot last year ad this year it was not as sweet, we were slightly sad. The hot chocolate itself is really good because you get the cinnamon throughout the drink as well as the cinnamon milk that is used to make the drink. So it is cinnamony and this year it felt like it was a little ore than last year.

The half cinnamon bun on the top of the hot chocolate was very good. If you want a showstopper photo of a hot chocolate then this is the one for you.

Societe by Humble Coffee Roasters

Orange Chai Hot Chocolate

“Perfect balance between sweet and spicy. This drink is rich in dark chocolate contrasted by sweet and spicy chai.”

Price: $6.50

We were interested in trying this because we never thought citrus and chai would work. Boy were we wrong. To start, unfortunately they had run out of the orange when we arrived so Tyler suggested that we either try the lemon or lime. He said that the line paired well with the chai, he was correct. The lime was delicious.

We are actually super excited that we got to try this drink with the lime, we suggested maybe giving guests the option to have either orange, lime, or lemon. It is a cool way to be able to customize your drink for a good cause.

Milano Coffee

Cinnamon Spiced Hot Chocolate

“Our hot chocolate is sure to warm you up. It’s a perfect balance of sugar and spice. Guaranteed to make your heart feel nice.”

Price: $6.00

This hot chocolate has a great cinnamon flavour throughout the whole drink. The cinnamon is not overly strong which is really nice, sometimes the strong cinnamon flavour is not very good. It is a very warming hot chocolate for sure. We were happy to see that they used real whipped cream which brought the drink to the next level. The chocolate shavings on top were very good and a good addition to the hot chocolate. Well done.

The Inn on Officiers’ Garden

Nuts and Berries

“Steamy hot chocolate, raspberry syrup, hazelnut syrup, hazelnut whipped cream, and raspberry dust.”

Price: $10.00 or Spirited $14.00

Upon first sip you get a subtle hazelnut flavour which is amazing, we would prefer subtle than in your face. You really don’t get much of the raspberry flavour until the very end and then it is almost too strong that you cannot drink it. We wish it was more mixed in with the drink than just put at the bottom. The whip has a really nice subtle hazelnut flavour as well, we were happy to see that they made the whip and it was not from a can. Maybe they could have done the whip with raspberry and then had a hazelnut drizzle or vis versa so that the raspberry was not overly powerful like it is at the bottom of this drink.

We found it to be a small hot chocolate for the price you pay, as well it seems very expensive for a hot chocolate that is made with chocolate milk. This is the most expensive drink thus far and we feel like this drink shouldn’t be this expensive for a non-alcohol drink.

Pharm Drugstore & More


“Experience the most serendipitous of moments at Pharm Drugstore, with our frozen hot chocolate – ‘The Serendipity’. Inspired by the movie itself, your luck will find you in our treasured shop sipping the bliss of one of our most popular smoothie drinks. Come and make the most delicious discovery as you indulge in the magic that is… Serendipity.”

Price: $9.00

This frozen hot chocolate is absolutely delicious. Very chocolatey and creamy, plus we love the fact that they upgraded one of their current smoothie options to make this drink. It is a very healthy drink in that it has chocolate almond milk, avocado, cocoa powder, dates, cinnamon, vanilla, honey and hemp chocolate protein… all those flavours make a delicious frozen hot chocolate. Sadly they did use canned whip, I wish that they could have done an avocado whip or vanilla whip or something like that to really push this drink over the edge of aweseomeness.

If you are heading out to try Our Daily Brett’s hot chocolate, Pharm is located just two doors down on the front of the building. You won’t regret it.